JL Style Swap With Memphis Mandy Sue

JL Style Swap With Memphis Mandy Sue

Okay funny story: so @memphismanysue and I had been following each other on instagram for a while and we are both proudly partnered with Jessica London. A few months ago I started to notice a pattern…we not only do we post a bunch of the same outfits, our poses were even eerily similar! And it wasn’t just Jessica London clothes! We had the same Draper james outfits too!  What can I say, the girl has great style! I thought it was hilarious, so I made a bunch of side by side collages and posted them in my stories. Thankfully she got a kick out of it too. We got to talking about our similarities and thought it’d be fun to collaborate with each other for our August Jessica London picks. I chose two items, she chose two items, and we styled them independently. The results were so interesting because some of our looks and poses ended up being identically and some totally different! 


Amanda’s First Pick: Pleated Maxi Skirt

For this boho chic skirt, I opted for green khaki snake and Amanda went with black botanical floral. It also comes in white rose garden and black polka dot! I love this full skirt because it sits high on the waist and has a gorgeous twirl! I don’t usually go for a bohemian look but i’m really feeling it! Even though Amanda and I chose different patterns, we ended up styling our skirts really similarly!


My First Pick: Fine Gauge Mock Neck Sweater

This sweater gives me 90’s vibes! I chose classic red and Amanda opted for Ivory. It also comes in black, gemstone green, and wild berry. This is such a versatile piece and the perfect staple for your fall and winter wardrobe. It’s especially handy in the south were the weather can’t make up its mind and you end up with 75 degree weather in november! For this look Amanda and I went different directions. I went for a bit of an edgy look, while Amanda channeled her feminine side! 



Amanda’s Second Pick: Peplum Pullover Sweater

This is such a cute little sweater! I think it’s super fun and flirty. Amanda and I not only chose the same color, Ivory, but we styled it and posed almost EXACTLY the same! Both our outfits give me a 60’s vibe and i’m here for it! Unfortunately this color is sold out. The good news is, it comes in three gorgeous fall jewel tones, dark emerald, dark berry, and ultra blue. 

My Second Pick: Leather Moto Jacket 

This leather jacket is the perfect addition to any fall or winter look! I think amanda and I demonstrated that very well, because we ended up staying this jacket super differently. I selected black and created a look with a bit of edge. Amanda went for ultra blue and paired it with a dress for a girly vibe. Like many of jessica London’s pieces, this is a great staple piece for any wardrobe. Investment pieces like this will last for years and make an outfit look put together and complete! 

Jessica London always has awesome sales, and right now the fall collection is 30% off! AND Use code JLE40FS to take $20 off $60 or $40 off $100 purchase, plus free shipping with $85+! Don’t forget to tag me in your Jessica London pics on instagram. Happy shopping yall!

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