Big Fig Saved My Back!

As some of you may know, I’ve been struggling with back issues all summer. A combination of an untreated injury from an accident years ago, a lack of strength training, a 20 year old hand-me-down mattress and recent fall resulted in my back completely giving out on me in June. I’m always busy with multiple projects in the works and I love the hustle! But it’s impossible to be on my A Game when I can’t even move. I was finally forced to address the issue and start taking care of myself. I was way overdue, and I definitely wish I had done it sooner! I started seeing an awesome chiropractor who suggested I start doing water aerobics and get a new mattress.

I began researching mattresses but I’d never had a new one before! I’ve always had hand-me-downs from family members. I remembered meeting the folks from Big Fig at Dream Big Midwest in Chicago and a lot of my blogger friends recommend them so I thought I’d reach out. I told Big Fig about my back problems, lack of self care, and desperate need for a good night’s sleep! We agreed that the issues I was having are all too common for others too, and decided I should test their mattress and share the results with all of you! I got the king size with the Big Fig foundation and frame. After about 4 weeks its safe to say the results are in, and I am IN LOVE. This mattress is my new best friend and I never want to get out of bed! 


The qualities that really sold me on this mattress were the firmness, cooling technology, and durability. Big Fig is designed with larger bodies in mind, lasts longer and holds more weight. This mattress is a hybrid meaning it has both the individually wrapped innerspring system and high density specialty foams. The best of both worlds! I was worried that it would be too firm for me because I’m used to a much softer bed. It’s the perfect level of firmness! I feel fully supported, I sleep soundly through the night, and I wake up refreshed. Most importantly my back pain has improved greatly. Even when I was seeing my chiropractor I used to wake up stiff and for the first hour or so in the morning I would be limping around. I’m 27 years old for goodness sake! That’s crazy! But since I’ve been sleeping on my Big Fig I pop up in the morning feeling spry and ready to seize the day! The cooling technology keeps me from getting overheated at night. Foam mattresses have a bad reputation for getting too hot and that’s where Big Fig’s hybrid design comes in handy yet again!

I will update you in another month and let you know how things are going! So far my fiance and fur babies are loving it too! I’m happy to answer any questions you might have, but Big Fig also has an awesome FAQ section that is super informative! They also have a chat feature where you can talk directly to representative on their website. Big Fig is always so helpful and makes the whole process super easy, so don’t hesitate to reach out!  Take advantage of the Labor Day sale and save $300 with code LABORDAY!

Published by lexinimmo

Hey Y'all! I'm an actress, curve model, sketch comedy writer, body positivity advocate, and social media influencer based in Nashville TN! I aim to inspire women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, sexualities, ages and abilities to follow their dreams and live life authentically and unapologetically! Use my hashtag #standuptobeautystandards and follow me on insta @lexinimmo

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