Beach Days With Full Beauty Brands

Now that it’s safer to spend time outdoors at beaches and lakes It feels like summer is really here! I recently hopped one state over to spend some time by the sea and it was so therapeutic! I packed my favorite pieces from Ellos, Romans, and Jessica London Style to create summery looks that kept me cool in the Florida heat while also looking hot!

These three Full Beauty Brands are all having awesome sales right now and very item in the post is on sale! Now I the perfect time to stock up on all your summer time must-haves!

Ellos is currently offering 40% off your oder with select items plus extra 30% off clearance! I can’t recommend this Smocked Bodice Tank Dress enough! Its comes in five different colors and sizes 10-40. This Dress makes for the perfect bathing suit cover up and can easily to take you from the ocean to dinner! CD775E4A-C0FE-4926-9FC4-266E93026096

Another great piece for transitioning from beach to happy hour is this Printed Hanky Hem Dress! I chose the lemon pattern but it also comes in paisley and is available in sizes 10-32. This one is light weight and perfect to pop on over your swim suit!


Jessica London is having a flash sale with select items up to 60% off! They are also having their semi annual intimates sale with buy 2 get 2 free bras and panties and if you use code JLEFRTOTE you get a free tote valued at $49.99 when you spend $75 or more! I love this bright and flirty Halter Maxi Dress! It comes in sizes 14-28 and also is available in blue and white stripes. I paired this dress with The Marley Mule By Comfortview which coms in 3 different patters and sizes 7-12, widths M, W, and, WW. These comfy little slides are perfect to slip on with any summer outfit!2D6C0D2D-96EB-4A2B-AED2-A43C7608782C

Roamans is also having a flash sale with select items up to 60% off and their semi annual intimates sale with buy 2 get 2 free bras and panties! I can’t even explain how obsessed I am with this gorgeous Tiered Metallic Crinkle Maxi Dress With Embellished Neckline! I felt like a beach goddess in this flowing boho piece! This one is a bit of a splurge but is currently on sale, available in sizes 14-36, and makes for beautiful sunset photos with family! Off the beach I will pair this with a tank or bralette underneath with either leggings or bike shorts. I think a short fitted tank dress or body suit would also work really nicely under this!

Happy shopping and don’t forget to tag me in your photos of your Full Beauty Brands finds!

The Porch Chronicles: With Full Beauty Brands

Before quarantine I never thought much of my porch. Now it’s one of my favorite places to sit and feel connected to the outside world! Here are some of my fave porch looks this month!

This sleeveless eyelet dress from Jessica London is the perfect spring and summer staple! It’s available in sizes 12-28 and also comes in soft geranium. The best part: IT HAS POCKETS! Eyelet is timeless and angelic. This dress is a definite keeper.

This stripped linen faux wrapped dress from Ellos is easy, breezy, and comfy! It comes in sizes 10-28 and goes with anything! It is a little low cut, so if you’re a busty babe like myself, I suggest wearing a bralette or cami underneath. Layering a t-shirt with a sundress is also a look and I plan on trying that!

I’m obsessed with the knit surplice maxi dress from Ellos! It’s super soft and flowy which is just what I need for these warmer days. It comes in 6 different colors and is available in sizes S-5X. Ellos sizing is a little different, so be aware that for this dress a small is size 10-12 and 5X is 38-40. I’m wearing a 1X (22-24) because I like to size up for comfort, but the sizing is so generous I could have just stuck to my usual 18/20.

Another winner with pockets!!! Boy, do I love dresses with pockets. This ruffled off the shoulder dress particularly! This is probably my favorite dress right now because it’s festive, comfortable, and…did I mention the pockets? It’s from Roamans and is available in size 10-32 and the fit is forgiving and flattering! This dress definitely gets me excited about future brunch plans and patio parties but it’s also comfy enough to wear while I water my plants and sip iced coffee on my porch!

Even though my fun summer plans are on hold for the foreseeable future, I do love dressing cute for myself. It’s nice to put on a pretty dress and some hoops, sit outside with a whipped coffee (if you haven’t tried it, recipe here!) and chat on FaceTime with my mom. My neighbors walk past and wave hello and I feel human. Right now it’s all about the little things!

You can checkout these looks and more on my Instagram!

My Dream Engagement Ring Designed By The Goldsmiths Bench

I get a lot of questions about my rings so I’m gonna spill all the tea!

Will and I decided to shop for my engagement ring together because I had a specific vision and he wanted me to have exactly what I dreamed of! I had a few ideas floating around my head but I knew I wanted the center stone to be pink, the metal to be white gold and I was interested in pear shaped stones. We went to a few chain jewelry stores…I won’t name names but think of the first 3 or 4 that come to mind and it’s probably them! Everywhere we went we had the same issues: we felt super rushed while trying rings on, the prices were astronomical, and we were pressured to make a payment or purchase that day. One place we went to, the sales person handed me ring number three after we had been in the building only 20 mins and said “is this your ring? I can draw up the paper work!” And I laughed at her! I spent another 20 minutes browsing and then we announced we would think about it and come back next weekend to which she replied “what’s there to think about?”. I candidly told her that we are taking this slowly and want to explore all of our options before we commit to such a big purchase and a piece that I will wear everyday for the rest of my life. She said, “well what exactly do you expect to find out there that you can’t find here?”. At this point she was just asking to have her feelings hurt so I told her, “a lower price and better customer service.” And we left!

We went to a nearby mall for dinner and the restaurant had a 30 minute wait time so we decided to browse the mall while we waited. That’s when we accidentally came upon a jewelry store we’d never heard of before. We went it to look around and we met their goldsmith Todd Michael! He was so kind, patient and explained things simply and clearly. I was instantly at ease. It felt like chatting with an old friend after a long day of talking to car salesmen! I wasn’t immediately drawn to anything on display so Todd suggested we custom design my engagement ring. He asked me what my dream ring would be and I told him, a pear shaped, pink center stone with a diamond halo and white gold band. He fit my finger for size and said he’d call his gemstone distributor and see what pink sapphires he has and give us a call when he has a plastic mold for us to try. We left feeling excited and relieved!

We went in for our next appointment and I got to try on the plastic mold to get an idea of what the setting would look and feel like! This helped me decide if I wanted space between the center stone and the halo or not and if I liked the width of band. I loved the dainty band and chose not to have space between. Next we chose my center stone from a selection of natural pink sapphires shipped there especially for us to choose from! It was a tough choice but I ultimately fell in love with the shade and shape of my current stone! I really appreciated working closely together for each step and having the opportunity to see our collective vision come to life! After this step I was excluded from the conversation so that Will could officially propose to me with the finished product! When he proposed and I saw the real thing for the first time it took my breath away! It was even more beautiful than I could have imagined! Once he popped the question I was able to see all the behind the scenes steps I missed out on, like the animated mock up, and the stages of crafting the ring! ( watch the video below!)

Months later, when it came time to choose my wedding band, we obviously needed to work with Todd again! He was no longer at the jewelry store from before so we tracked him down because there was no way we would trust anyone else! His work is so beautiful, the quality is superb, and the prices reflect that quality without the insane retail mark-ups that chain jewelry stores charge (for lesser quality stones!). Todd is our guy now and forever!

I wasn’t sure what I wanted in a wedding band so I just let Todd get creative and come up with some ideas! He sent me some animated mock ups with a picture of my engagement ring so I could get an idea of what they’d look like together! I loved them all but the tiara band with the pear shaped top was a no-brainer for me! It had “Lexi” written all over it! He made a plastic mold for me to try on with my engagement ring to be sure I liked the scale of it and then he worked his magic to make my dreams come true!

Seeing the rings together gave me butterflies (and still does!) and I couldn’t be happier! Todd got the sapphires for my band from the same contact as my center stone so the color and quality would be as close as possible. These rings sparkle in the dark they are so perfect! Every detail is immaculate and the process was stress free and fun! We paid half of what we would have been charged at a big chain jewelry store and we felt good knowing we were supporting an independent goldsmith. From now on Todd is our go-to guy for every anniversary, birthday, Mother’s Day, graduation, and someday push present! I can’t recommend him enough! Contact Todd at the Goldsmiths Bench here

Dressing Up With FullBeauty Brands

Okay first things first, how y’all doing? Girl, same! Bleh! I feel like I’m bouncing from panic to naps, to delirious laughter all day. Nothing about this COVID-19 “new normal” is normal. So I’ve been trying to encourage myself to do some “normal” things every so often to keep me grounded.

I try to dress up once a week! Lately I just want to wear sweats on the couch and eat Doritos (yum) but after a while I feel icky. It’s good for me to switch it up and cute cute even even it’s just for the gram…or my newest obsession, TikTok! Full Beauty Brands sent me some lovely pieces from Jessica London, Roamans, and Ellos and they are perfect for a stylish spring look that’s still comfy to wear in my apartment or on my porch, the only places I ever go now!

Another thing I do to keep my head straight is FaceTime with friends and family! I try to look cute(ish) for this too because it helps me feel like I’m getting ready to go socialize! A fun outfit and a bit of makeup always elevates my mood at least a little and that sets the tone for a more enjoyable phone call! I’ve also been doing therapy over Zoom which I highly recommend! So even if it’s just a cute top and some lipstick, I feel like myself when a put a bit of effort into getting ready for video chats!

I occasionally need to go to the grocery store or pharmacy for essentials and while this is indeed a stressful scenario, I try to make the most of it. I’m making an effort to practice gratitude so I see grocery shopping as a privilege! I’m so grateful to essential employees who make shopping for my meals possible. Selecting my favorite snacks and small comforts have become a sacred part of my week so I look forward to my rare grocery trip and enjoy dressing up for the occasion! Obviously whatever you wear is perfect as long as you feel comfortable. Clothes can mean so much to us as a way to express ourselves and soothe ourselves. So what’s best for you and stay safe! We are in this together and I’m here for you if you need to talk!

DIY Bride : How I Saved $,$$$ With Fifty Flowers

When it came to finding flowers for our wedding I was pessimistic! I knew how expensive a florist could be and didn’t have a lot of faith in myself as a DIY bride! But then I discovered Fifty Flowers and they made everything so simple it was a total game changer!

Navigating the FiftyFlowers website was super easy and affordable, and I was matched with a floral expert who helped walk me through every step! I filled out a questionnaire online and then had a phone call with my expert who took the info I gave her about my budget, guest list, venue and my Pinterest inspo and turned it into a vision with a plan! She was able to tell me how many flowers I would need for each centerpiece and bouquet and reminded me of little things I might’ve forgotten like extra flowers for the cake! When I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of red roses I wanted (there’s different kinds?!) she was able to point me towards the best option. She asked me question I never would have thought of! After our meeting she sent me an email with all the info I needed including how to care for the flowers when they arrived.

The fresh flowers were delivered right to our door, along with step by step instructions for how to care for and transport them. My mom, mother in law, and bridesmaids helped me with the centerpieces, I made my bouquet and my bridesmaids’ bouquets, and I sent some flowers to my bakery to include on our cake! It was a group effort but it really paid off and saved us thousands of dollars!

Doing things DIY can save you a lot of money but can also come with stress and complications. With Fifty Flowers you have access to expert advice while also having control of your budget: it’s the best if both worlds!

The Peanut Butter Sucker

I knew from day one of wedding planning that I wanted a traditional wedding cake as our only dessert and the crown jewel of the food. No chocolate fountain or donut wall, just a beautiful, elegant cake. So when it came to choosing a wedding cake I was super stressed! There are so many options for flavor, style, shape, colors -I didn’t know where to start. But when I partnered with the team at Peanut Butter Sucker they walked me through each step and made the process so fun, it was…well, a piece of cake!

When Q and Shawn of The Peanut Butter Sucker asked me what my vision was and what flavors I had in mind all I new was I want white, classic, and elegant! From there they helped me decide all the little details by asking all the right questions and guiding me through all of my options. We decided that we would do a clean white, tiered cake, decorated with flowers from my wholesaler (red roses and white calla lilies) and that I would try flavors that are chocolate and fruity. When it was time to do a cake tasting Q and Shawn brought Madagascar Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Coconut cake for Will and I to try. Along with the cake they also brought Cheesecake, Strawberry, Coconut Pecan, and Mixed Berry filling (to go between the layers) and Vanilla, Champagne, Cream Cheese and Brown Sugar butter cream frosting.

Will and I tried every possible combination and loved everything! It was super hard to choose but a few flavors jumped out at us and we narrowed it down to Chocolate and Coconut cake and Cheesecake and Mixed Berry filling. From there we decided to do a three tier cake with the top tier foam because with such a small guest list two tiers would be plenty of cake and we still wanted the look of three tiers. So the middle tier would be two layers of Chocolate cake with cheesecake filling and the bottom tier would be Coconut Cake with mixed berry filling. The only road block we hit was when we couldn’t quiet agree on the butter cream frosting. After much deliberation, I was about to throw in the towel and just let Will pick because nothing was really speaking to me, when Shawn mentioned they also have a White Chocolate buttercream. Will and I instantly agreed on the White Chocolate sight unseen because we love white chocolate in general and we just new it would be perfect because everything The Peanut Butter Sucker makes is delicious!

Even though I tried the cake myself I still worried that flavor and texture would have to be sacrificed for the design. In my past experiences with fancy cakes and cookies, you could either have something pretty or something that tastes good and never both. Being a nervous, overthinking bride, I was concerned the cake wouldn’t live up to my high expectations. When I finally saw the cake the day of my wedding my jaw dropped! This cake exceeded all of my expectations. It was stunning, even more beautiful that I could have imaged! The butter cream frosting was so smooth it looked like fondant and the fresh flowers were expertly arranged. I didn’t even want to cut into it because it was so beautiful! But I’m glad we did because it was absolutely delicious! The filling and buttercream was rich and creamy and the cake was moist and fresh. It was genuinely the best cake I’ve ever had! We ended up with some leftovers and we had to fight for them (jk…sort of!) . The morning after our wedding we ate cake for breakfast and we were so sad when it was all gone. I’ve never been so impressed with a bakery in my life and from now on I will forever turn to The Peanut Butter Sucker for my events!

My Big Fat Wedding Blog Post

Whew! What a whirlwind of events it’s been since Will and I said “I Do” back in February 22, 2020. Those were simpler times for sure. Two months ago our biggest concerns were guest lists, centerpieces, and alterations; fast forward to Will losing both jobs, sheltering in place, and watching the world both come together and fall apart amid this unprecedented global event. Not exactly what I thought newlywed life would be like, however we are extremely grateful for our blessings and hopeful for the future. 

I delayed posting the wedding content I had been planning for so many months because it seemed like the wrong timing. The last thing I wanted to do is be insensitive to how current events are affecting my friends and followers. Now that we’ve all been “quarantined” for about a month and it will likely last through spring and possibly into summer, I thought it might actually be a nice distraction. I’m also part of a lot of big wedding groups on Facebook where thousands of brides are having to plan their weddings around the pandemic, or are recently engaged and just beginning this process and don’t know where to start, a few of my personal friends included! I want this post to be helpful, uplifting, and at the very least, stress-free fluff to distract you from the news for a little while. 

Planning, Guestlist, and Venue

Let’s dive right in! From day one, Will and I knew we wanted to have a very small wedding with just family and a few friends. The first step of wedding planning is usually the guest list because that determines a lot of factors like venue, food, and alcohol.  We ultimately decided on a guest list of about 40 and had a little over 30 people in attendance. Small weddings can be tricky because you don’t want people to feel left out, but expanding your list by just a few extra people can quickly have a domino effect. So who should you invite to your small wedding? The way we approached it is asking ourselves “who would I be heartbroken about if they didn’t come?  Who do I see myself celebrating with when I envision my wedding? Who has been supportive of our relationship and happy for us?” Once you have those people down, there will inevitably be a few guests you will need to add on because it’s the right thing to do (i.e. family you’re not super close to but your mom is). This is totally fine as long as you stay true to your vision and what you really want. If your parents or fiance get too carried away with adding guests to the list, try to redirect them to the original plan of having a small wedding and meet them somewhere in the middle. As with many other aspects of wedding planning, other people’s opinions and suggestions can become really stressful. It’s important that you make your vision very clear from the beginning and put your foot down when necessary. This is your day and you and your fiance are the ones who make the rules. Letting someone else make too many changes to your guestlist affects a lot of elements of your big day and sets the tone for the months (or years) of planning to come, so I recommend being firm now! 

Once you’ve more or less nailed down your guest list, it’s time to find your venue! You want to book your venue before anything else because many venues have different policies you’ll need to consider. For instance, you don’t want to book a caterer and then find your dream venue only to find out they require you to use a caterer from their preferred vendor list and you’ve already put down a non refundable deposit with someone else. A close family friend offered her beautiful home for our ceremony and reception, so we got super lucky with our venue! This was also a great option for us because we were able to supply food and alcohol ourselves which is cheaper and makes more sense for a small wedding like ours. Don’t underestimate the benefits of a “backyard” wedding (even if it’s not actually in the backyard)! 


The Dress

The next step for us was the dress! This is because your choice of dress will guide other choices. If you go with a boho gown, that could lead to a bouquet of sunflowers instead of roses. If you go with a ballgown, you might decide that having pizza isn’t formal enough. You basically design the wedding around the dress! Some people actually get the dress before the venue so that the venue better matches the dress and therefore the overall aesthetic. The thing about wedding dress shopping is, you may think you know what you want, but you don’t! Okay, maybe you do, but seriously try to keep an open mind when trying on dresses. I always envisioned myself in a big poofy sleeveless ball gown with a rhinestone bodice. I ended up choosing a dress that had lace, sleeves, and not a single rhinestone. Trust the process and when you know you’ll know. My dress was of course from Eleven Bridal! I’ve been modeling for them since they opened their doors in October 2018 and have sung the praises of the owner Taneka many times! She is the sweetest person and has the best selection of plus size bridal gowns sizes 12-32! Eleven Bridal is the only plus size bridal boutique in Tennessee and they have gowns on the rack so you can actually try on a variety of styles that fit on your body. In the past I’ve tried on a gown at other bridal shops, and they have nothing to choose from for plus sizes. Your only option is to try to squeeze into something that doesn’t fit and try to envision it as the dress of your dreams. It’s ridiculous! You can read my blog post about my amazing experience at Eleven Bridal here!

 My appointment this time was for real which was even more exciting than modeling gowns! I brought my mom, aunt, Gaga, two best friends and my sister, and we sipped prosecco and had the best time! I felt like a real princess in my dress on our wedding day, and Will said that seeing me for the first time during our “first look” was his favorite part of the day because I “looked like an angel”. By the way, if you’re debating on doing a first look: DO IT. I was worried revealing my dress to Will before the ceremony would make walking down the aisle less exciting, but it was the best decision! Will and I were both nervous so a first look helped calm our nerves. Then we were able to get some portraits out of the way which alleviated a lot of stress later on. It was comforting knowing my soon-to-be husband loves my dress and is excitedly waiting to see me again. Along with the dress of my dreams I wore my mom’s veil which was super special to me, earrings from Dillards (on clearance for $12!), rhinestone sash from JJ’s House (only $15!) and silver glitter sneakers by Kate Spade and Keds (found at Goodwill for $8!). You don’t have to spend a ton of money to look like royalty: even my dress was 50% off and only about $600. After alterations, the total for my bridal look was only $785 yet I felt like a million bucks!


The Ring

Will and I worked with local goldsmith and jeweler Todd Michael of The Goldsmith’s Bench to custom design my engagement ring and wedding band. Last summer our designs and plans became a reality, and Will presented me with the engagement ring of my dreams! It’s a pear-shaped natural pink sapphire center stone with a diamond halo and diamond band in a white gold setting. It’s nothing like I’ve seen in chain jewelry stores, and it’s more beautiful than I could have imagined! When it was time to design a wedding band to match my engagement ring, working with Todd again was a no-brainer. Not only is he incredibly kind and pleasant to work with, but he has the knowledge and experience to really deliver pieces that will last a lifetime and exceed all your expectations. After looking through a few different designs, we fell in love with this tiara design that features three more natural pink sapphires, diamonds, and white gold, and curves to fit my engagement ring perfectly. I love how unique and personalized my set is and I think it’s so stunning and so “me”.  It’s dainty enough to add an anniversary band in the future and I know that Todd will be our family jeweler from now on. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else for custom jewelry! The Goldsmith Bench is the best! 

The Flowers

Roses of all colors are my favorite but I am a fan of flowers in general, so I went into selecting flowers with a really open mind. I turned to Pinterest for inspiration and found that February floral arrangements often include roses and calla lilies. I fell in love with the red rose and white calla lily combination, but from there I wasn’t sure where to go! I’ll be honest, flowers can get super expensive and I was intimidated by the prices of most florists and started to worry that anything other than a bouquet would be out of our budget. I attended the Tassels and Tastemakers event in the fall and spent the whole night admiring the gorgeous floral arrangements. After looking at the vendor list, I found out that the flowers were from FiftyFlowers, a website that offers wholesale flowers. I checked out the site and loved the selection and prices, so I contacted FiftyFlowers and proposed we collaborate! I partnered with the FiftyFlowers team to document my experience as a DIY bride and I’ll be posting a blog post dedicated to that experience! Navigating the FiftyFlowers website was super easy and affordable, and I was matched with a floral expert who helped walk me through every step! The fresh flowers were delivered right to our door, along with step by step instruction for how to care for and transport them. My mom, mother in law, and bridesmaids helped me with the centerpieces, I made my bouquet and my bridesmaids’ bouquets, and I sent some flowers to my bakery to include on our cake! It was a group effort but it really paid off and saved us thousands of dollars!


The Cake

I met Q of the mother-son duo bakery The Peanut Butter Sucker at a photoshoot for wedding vendors and we hit it off right away! I was excited to partner with Q and his mom Shawn because their work is exceptional and I’ve never had cake that was so beautiful and also tasted so good! We brainstormed ideas together and I decided I wanted a three tier white cake decorated with red roses and white calla lilies from my FiftyFlowers shipment and topped with a golden cake topper. We had a cake tasting and it was a total blast (be on the lookout for a blog post all about this process)! It was hard to choose which flavor cake, filling, and frosting because every single option was so delicious. We ultimately decided on one tier of coconut cake with mixed berry filling, one layer of chocolate cake with cheesecake filling and the top tier foam for decoration, and then covered in white chocolate buttercream frosting. Since we only had a guest list of 40 people we didn’t need three tiers of cake, but we loved the look of a three tier cake, so the foam top tier was a great solution. Our cake was absolutely gorgeous and was a huge hit! We took leftovers home and ate them for breakfast the next day because it was so yummy! My experience with other fancy wedding cakes was that you had to sacrifice flavor for design, but that wasn’t the case with The Peanut Butter Sucker. It was both scrumptious and gorgeous, elegantly decorated on a lovely cake stand from The Wedding Plate and displayed on a baby grand piano! 

The Wedding Plate

I’ve worked with Lisa from The Wedding Plate a couple of times over the past year, and she is such a joy to collaborate with! She has the most unique collection of vintage china, glassware, silverware and more! Lisa is great because if you have a super clear vision of what you want she’s totally fine letting you call the shot, but if you need more guidance she can pull pieces from her collection that really make your event come together! This time around I was unsure of exactly what I wanted, so she helped me make selections that would compliment my cake, flowers, and color palette. We went with ivory china plates with gold trim, gold silverware, crystal goblets, and an ivory cake stand with gold trim and a scalloped edge. She also included a champagne bucket, serving trays, and china teacups! My bridal shower was the weekend before so I was able to use some of the pieces for my shower as well. Lisa’s pieces add production value to any event and every little detail makes all the difference! My Bridal shower and wedding reception were so elegant, and I think The Wedding Plate played a huge part in taking them to the next level. I’ll post a blog post soon with more details about the beautiful pieces we used for my birthday party, bridal shower, and wedding reception, and why I’ll never host another event without The Wedding Plate!

The Drinks

If you know me, you know I love a good drink! I’m a prosecco girl myself so I love to celebrate with bubbles! At a blogger event back in October I had a Bravazzi for the first time and I was in love! Even my best friend who doesn’t like soda or alcohol loved this hard Italian soda! It’s that good! When it was time to decide what beverages to have at our wedding reception, we didn’t want to spend a fortune on several different types of alcohol trying to make everyone happy, but we wanted everyone to have a good time. We needed a crowd pleaser and Bravazzi instantly came to mind! When I reached out to the Bravazzi team, not only were they excited to collaborate for our wedding reception, they also offered to sponsor my bachelorette party! My girls and I pre-gamed with Bravazzi in our hotel room the night of my bachelorette party, and then again the next day at my bridal shower and again at my wedding! It’s officially not a celebration without Bravazzi! My favorite flavor is blood orange, but grapefruit is a close second. I am putting together a blog post with fun Bravazzi recipes and details about how Bravazzi became my go-to party drink of choice! 

The Glam Squad

Like any bride, I wanted to look my absolute best leading up to the big day! I had to call upon my absolute favorite beauty pros to achieve the ultimate glam look! Leading up to my wedding, I had two much needed facials at Ritz Med Spa. I had a dermapen and microdermabrasion to really get my pores clean and all the dry dead skin off. Ritz Med Spa is amazing because their team is made up of skilled medical estheticians who are trained to heal your skin and achieve your long term skin goals! I’ve had so many facials that smelled pretty and felt nice but didn’t really do much to help my skin. I was so stressed and run ragged leading up to the wedding that my skin was breaking out and dehydrated. My esthetician Christy at Ritz Med Spa improved the quality of my skin and I wish I had made the choice to go sooner! 

If you’ve known me for a while you know I’ve been blonde for most of my life (my natural color was strawberry blonde at birth and dirty blonde since I was two). I’ve only ever experimented with other colors a few times over the years, and each time it was extremely short lived, but 2020 is a new era for me and I decided to make a big change and go red! The only person I could possibly trust with this big of a transformation is Jessica Turner! She is an expert colorist and specializes in blondes and vivid color. She helped me achieve a very natural ginger shade that compliments my skin and it’s so perfect! My mom and I were both a little nervous about me having red hair on my wedding day since it was so new but after a month and a half with this incredible dye job, I can’t imagine myself any other way! Jessica is seriously talented and there’s nothing she can’t do! 

Choosing a hair and makeup artist for the day of my wedding was anxiety inducing because I’ve experienced some makeup artist disasters. If you’ve ever watched my YouTube video about my MUA horror story then you know (and if you haven’t you can watch it here)! I knew that there was only one person talented and reliable enough for the job, and that’s my friend and colleague Nichole Lim! I first met Nichole on the set of a photoshoot where she did the most incredible ice queen look on me. I loved spending the day with her because she was a beam of light! I was super excited to work with her over the summer on a TV pilot and we got to know each other more and became good friends! I work so much and rarely make new friends so it’s the best feeling to connect with a woman in the film industry and know that there is someone in the set that you trust and who will keep you laughing! Nichole is truly a joy to be around! We worked together on a third project, our award winning short film I.S.F.L., and she remembered everything about my dry skin, watery eyes, stubborn hair, and general anxiety and was immediately prepared with a facemask, hairspray and essential oils. She’s a pro so I’m not surprised, but I knew that I didn’t want anyone else touching my face and hair the morning of my wedding because I knew I would be so stressed. Nichole brought her calming energy along with her talent and skill! Nichoe made me feel absolutely gorgeous and brought to life my vision of how I wanted my new husband to see me on the most important day of our lives. Nichole is the real deal and there’s no better HMUA for your big event or film set! 

There’s so much more I want to say but this is already the longest blog post I’ve ever written! I will be posting a blog post every day this week with details on each brand partner so if you’re a newly engaged bride, you’re going to want to stay tuned! My inbox is always open so if you have any questions about my vendors please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message and ask away! I’m also working on a big blog post about our honeymoon to Paris, France, and Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Netherlands so be on the lookout for some helpful travel content! Stay safe babes!


New year! Same me! (New hair!): with Jessica London

Aayyee first blog post of 2020!!! As the LONGEST month of the year comes to an end (okay it definitely feels that way!) I’m realizing how good it feels that my resolutions this year has nothing to do with changing myself! In years past, by this time I’d already be knee dee in self loathing and diet culture, desperately trying to stick to some arbitrary weight loss resolution. HECKIN NO THANKS! 2020 is for self love, self care, and achieving my REAL goals! Like traveling the world, making art, and being the best version of my already awesome self! So for this blog post I wanted to keep it really simple and share some Jessica London sponsored looks with you, featuring my new red hair, that make me feel like a total babe!

Lace Fit & Flare Dress

I’m a pink girl through and through and this lacey pink number is a girlie girl dream! I think this is the perfect Valentine’s Day dress but could totally work in a professional setting as well! It comes in a bunch of different colors and is on sale too, so you gotta check it out! I paired it with these super versatile Black Flats! They have the slightest bit of heel so they are dressy enough for a more formal setting but extremely comfy! Right now they are under $50 !

Silver Leather Jacket

This jacket is one of my favorite pieces EVER!!! It looks so good with everything and takes an outfit from “meh” to “YES MAAM” in seconds! It’s also surprisingly comfy and softer than any other leather jackets I own. This jacket is usually a $250 splurge but right now it’s only $99 so JUMP ON IT! I’ve paired it with this hot pink cami top that comes in 7 different colors and is less than $15! And last but not least, I added these fabulous silver booties! They are super comfy, under $60, and come in black too!

Pink Trench Coat

I feel low key glam in this pink trench coat! (I’m seeing a pink pattern here! No surprise there!). This coat is the perfect lightweight staple outerwear piece! It also comes in tan, black, and zebra print and is on sale for $99, except for the zebra print which is on sale for less than $45!!! I think I need the zebra print one too, what do you think?! I’m 2020 I’m gonna wear what I want and express my personality in patterns, colors, and textures! My future is bright and so is my wardrobe!

Cozy Curvy Gift Guide: With Jessica London

Can you believe the holidays are HERE!? I don’t know about you, but it totally snuck up on me! If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for your favorite curvy gal (even if that curvy gal is you!) I’ve got some great suggestions! Jessica London is your one stop shop for cozy gifts that will us curvy babes comfy all winter long!

I know for me, finding bath towels that wrap effortlessly around my body isn’t easy. Regular bath towels just never quiet cut it. And a towel wrap? Forget it! That’s why I was beyond excited to find this terry towel wrap! It comes in sizes 14-40, 9 different colors and is only $19.99 (some colors are $24.99)!B03B2BDB-895F-4F85-AF46-BCCA95028A6C

Similar to the towel trouble, finding robes that fit properly can be a challenge. This Spa Terry Robe is exactly what I needed! It comes in 6 colors, sizes 14-28, and is $54.99! Jessica London has a variety of robes so be sure to browse all your options!0170872A-CD41-44C9-A53C-88F0C2AD7678

Let’s talk pajamas! When shopping for plus size pjs I alway feel like my options are limited. Either the sizes stop at XL or the the style selection is slim pickings! Thankfully Jessica London has a variety of styles and sizes up to . I tried a few different types of jammies but there are so many to chose from I think I need more!

Some pieces are mix and match, which is awesome! I paired this penguin pajama shirt with a pair of flannel shorts. I am completely obsessed with penguins so I’m particularly excited about this set! It comes in 8 colors and patterns, sizes 14-40, and is only $14.98. These flannel pajama shorts come in sizes 14-40 and are on super sale for only $9.98! 36EF2351-F967-41BC-9346-BE70927D01B6

Okay, so I’m usually not a night gown or sleep shirt person…but I’d think I am now! These short sleeve sleep shirts come in a pack of two for only $34.99 dollars which is a major steal! I love these Christmas prints! They come in sizes M-8X and 6 different colors and patterns. I paired them with these dreamy Wynter Slippers! They are extremely warm and I feel like I’m walking on a fluffy cloud! They come in sizes M-XXL and wide width, 4 colors and cost only $21.99!

Jessica London is having a ridiculous sale with styles up to 60% off and a free gift with purchases over $75! Be sure to check them out! Hurry, The clock is ticking!

Lexi’s Picks: Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Not everyone is easy to shop for! But I made it easier for you! Here are my five fave gifts for the hard-to-shop-for person on your list!

This CBD inhaler from WellBeings is so cool and an awesome gift for your wellness conscious friend! CBD is perfect for relaxation, pain relief, sleep and more!

Men can be tricky to shop for and That’s why I love The Tie Bar! They have high quality ties, sweaters, socks and more that are fool proof selections that I guarantee will be a hit!

CBD is all the rage and I can see why! What better way to chill out than a CBD caramel candy from Mello?! Even better, these healing treats are non gmo, kosher, and gluten free!

Some people are truly puzzling when it comes to finding the perfect gift. In-laws, co-workers, secret Santa…it can be hard! Thankfully Skylar has soap, lotion and fragrances that are an easy crowd pleaser. These products are paraben free, hypoallergenic, and cruelty free so anyone can enjoy!

I love these statement earrings from Express! Any fashionista would appreciate a new addition to their jewelry collection. And with the wide selection of trendy and eye catching pieces at Express you can find something unique for that fancy friend who “has everything”.

Happy shopping little elves!

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