Too Cool For School: With rue21

“Lizzie McGuire, you’re an outfit repeater!”,Okay confession time! When I saw the Lizzie McGuire movie in theaters in 2003 at the tender age of 11, just at the end of 5th grade, i was shook by that line. Kate Sanders, Lizzie’s arch nemesis, exposed Lizzie for repeating an outfit at their 8th grade graduation and I remember thinking “wow, how embarrassing! I’ll never let that happen to me!”. From then on I made it my mission to be the most fashionable girl in the room and to never let anyone catch me repeating the same exact look twice! As a matter of fact, in 7th grade a kid in my math class said “I dont think I’ve ever seen you wear the same thing twice.” and I was SO proud. That wouldn’t be the last time I heard that! Obviously I know now, there’s nothing wrong with repeating an outfit, but try telling that to a little tween fashionista like 11 year old Lexi! 

Lizzie Mcguire was a huge fashion inspiration for me for so many years, so I decided to create some looks inspired by the characters with rue21 pieces! Can you guess who is who? We’ve got Miranda, Kate Sanders,, and of course, Lizzie! They all had some overlapping style throughout the show and film, but in general, Miranda was spunky and edgy, Kate was preppy and girly, and Lizzie was groovy and sweet! So, for my Kate look, I choose this blue and grey argyle polo dress and little pink purse with butterfly chains! For the Miranda look, I opted for some black cargo pants, this red and black dragon top, and these badass sunglasses! Finally for Lizzie I channeled her style that I always felt reflected her personality the most, and choose a cream tank with ruching on the sides, printed flare pants, daisy earrings, and silk daisy bandana! I also styled a look that I feel represents my own style, with a pink bandana print dress and two tone denim jacket. I do think my “Lexi Look” has Lizzie vibes! You’ll notice I wore a pink tattoo choker and black slides for each look because those are both universal go-to staples for any early ‘00’s babe! 

Gosh, highschool feels like a lifetime ago! And yet somehow, every year when August rolls around, all of those back-to-school memories coming flooding back! I remember shopping for my freshman year of high school and thinking to myself “who do I want to be for the next four years? I don’t know exactly what I was going for, but I decided on a denim mini skirt, black leggings, a black victorian-style top, and wedge sandals! I was convinced that this look was so mature and stylish, it would transform me into the very grown up highschooler I was trying to be. 

But I learned eventually, that I would be a different person each year! In a lot of ways that’s still true today, because every year I grow older I learn more about who I am. My fashion choices may change with the times, and I’ll keep getting wiser and more confident in myself, but I’ll always be Me! And that’s exactly who I want to be! I wish I could go back and tell my younger self that she doesn’t need to try to be someone else, just the best version of herself! So whether you’re preparing for a new school year, a new job, or just a new season of life, I hope you remember that fall fashion statements are great, but being authentically yourself is that best statement of all! 

rue21 has me pumped for fall! Y’all know I’m a summer queen, but if there’s one thing that can get me excited for fall, it’s fashion! I love that rue21 has all the newest trends and I think it’s so fun to try new things! rue21 is super affordable too, so I definitely recommend checking them out for all your back to school, fall wardrobe transition, or just closet refresher needs!


Tie Dye Summer: with rue21

Tie Dye Summer: with rue21 

Summer is here! Well…basically! Regardless, I’m in full summer mode and right now I’m on a major tie dye kick! Tie dye just screams summer to me. I don’t know if maybe it’s because I always made tie dye t-shirts at camp every summer or if it’s because it’s the ultimate fashion statement for a laidback, I’m-here-to-have-fun vibe. Whatever the reason, every summer I am decked out in tie dye everything! Last summer it was all about the matching tie dye sweatsuit sets because we were all stuck in the house watching Tiger King, making whipped coffee and trying to figure out Zoom. But thankfully this summer is full of hope and fun plans! So, while I do still love the matching sweatsuit sets, I’m excited to kick things up a notch! And rue21 is a one-stop-shop for all our tie dye needs at crazy affordable prices! 

This first look is simple, comfy, and to the point! A sweet, little tie dye dress is an extremely underrated statement piece! This dress is super light weight which is perfect for the unbearable heat down here in the south. Even though this dress is comfortable and weather appropriate, making it a practical choice, the hot pink makes a bold statement! The tie spaghetti straps, ruching at the bust, and ruffle at the bottom of the skirt all give off a retro, early ‘00s vibe. I added white platform slides and pink, heart shaped sunnies, and now I’m getting major Elle Woods vibes from this look! A pink lemonade isn’t required to complete this look but, hey, it doesn’t hurt! 

This next look is a game changer and a bunch of fashion firsts for me! This is my first matching denim set, and my first tie dye denim. I know this sounds dramatic, and maybe I feel dramatic because this look screams Sharpay Evans, but this outfit has CHANGED ME. Like, wow, who is she? Is this a practical, mature outfit? Yeah, no, not really. But I couldn’t care less! This is exactly the whimsical, vibrant statement I’m trying to make! When I wear this fit out in public, I want everyone to be like, “oh she definitely had a pink Razor flip phone in highschool and probably still owns roll-on glitter.” By the way, both of those statements are true but I’m sure none of you are surprised! A simple white tank and the same white platform slides and heart sunnies, and *boom*, instant Disney Channel “it” girl. Also, low-key, maybe high-key, feel like barbie in this ensemble. Y’all, rue21 has done it again and I’m fully obsessed with this fit. It’s officially going in my favorite outfits hall of fame! 

This last look is all about color and comfort! Which, honestly, is probably a great way to describe my personal fashion philosophy. You might remember this blue bikini from last month’s vacation looks! Choosing a favorite suit from last month is tough, but I really think this one takes the cake. I love the full coverage of the bottoms, and equally love the less-than-full coverage of the top. Hey, what can I say? If you got it, flaunt it! The fabric is soft and stretchy which is always a plus when you plan to wear your swimsuit all day long. Which I definitely do, because I’m a total water baby! But those early summer nights get chilly and if you go inside for a drink or snack the air conditioning can be freezing, so I love an oversized, zip up hoodie as a cozy cover up! That may be a bit of an unpopular opinion, but don’t knock it till you try it! Those crochet dresses and sarongs are cute and perfect for midday heat. But when the sun goes down, you’ll be wishing you had a snuggly hoodie to wrap up in! Especially on those unseasonably cold days that randomly pop-up sometimes or if you live somewhere it doesn’t really get hot until later in the summer! Anyway, now that I’ve made my case for summer hoodies, rue21 has a great selection of tie dye sweatshirts, sweatpants, and shorts! You can mix and match, which I think is so fun! I guess we’ve kinda come full circle now with the tie dye sweats! 

Tie dye is a fun and timeless trend that never really goes out of style. Summer is about having fun so don’t shy away from wearing fun clothes, even if it’s silly or “childish”. Life is short and summer is shorter! Check out the rue21 blog for more summer fashion inspo! Which look was your favorite? 


Plus Size Pool Days: with rue21

I know, I know,  it’s technically still spring but I’m teaming up with my friends at rue21 to bring you all the summer vibes! I don’t know about you but summer is my “thrive season” and I’m so excited that it’s almost that time! Summer for me feels creative, electric, and free! It’s crazy because, for a long time, I dreaded summer and all the different scenarios where I’d have to figure out a way to cover my body. I was too self conscious to wear shorts, bathing suits and tank tops and I would literally wear jeans and long sleeve shirts in 90º weather! I was so consumed by my insecurities, I could hardly enjoy fun activities like going to the beach. My negative body image even distracted me from spending quality time with friends and family. Looking back on that time makes me so sad because we all deserve to feel comfortable in our own skin, as well as comfortable in the summer heat! Well, those days are behind me! Good riddance! Now I’m super pumped to wear all the crop tops and bikinis my heart desires (and the heat requires, lol)! 

Okay I have to start with my absolute favorite outfit because I’m too excited to save it for last. When I say favorite outfit I don’t just mean my favorite from this post, or even from rue21. This is literally and actually my ALL TIME favorite outfit i’ve ever owned. Am I being dramatic? Probably! But i mean, come on does this not just scream “Lexi”!? First of all I love a matching set, right off the bat we are winning with this fit. I’m a huge fan of the ultra femme, romantic, floral and ruffel trend that is going around, so this set is right on the money! The sizing is generous, with lots of stretch, and the fabric is lightweight so this set is extremely comfortable! It just makes all of my preppy, princess dreams come true and you can catch me wearing this for….ever! 

Now that we’ve gotten all the drama out of the way…HAVE YOU SEEN THIS STRAWBERRY DRESS?! Okay, okay, I’ll try to stay calm this time. But, come on! The powder blue, the mesh overlay, the embroidered strawberries! This dress is a total dream! I’m a huge lover of whimsy, and I think fruit prints and details are the perfect whimsical touch for summer pieces. I could see myself pairing this dress with a denim jacket for chilly evening weather or even a white button down shirt tied in the middle. I feel like this dress could easily be dressed up with heels and a clutch and just as easily dressed down with tennis shoes and a mini backpack. Either way, this is a statement piece that says “I’m the cutest person in the room”! I finished off my look with a silky, stretchy headband for an extra cuteness factor! 

On the topic of dresses, this daisy sundress is an absolute necessity. If you’re well acquainted with me, you know I’m kind of the queen of wearing clothes in settings they weren’t intended for. I wear lingerie as tops, swim cover-ups as outfits, and I consider athleisure appropriate for practically any occasion! I love this dress because it’s lightweight fabric, adjustable straps, and smocked waist make it super versatile! I’ve now worn this one dress to the pool as a swim cover-up, to a restaurant as an outfit, and to bed as a nightgown. It’s so cute and comfy I could wear it everyday! And obviously I had this scrunchie on my wrist the whole time because that’s an accessory that is always appropriate! These platform sandals are also insanely comfy and, may I say, the velcro is such a fun throwback moment.

Let’s get into these adorable swimsuits! This white one piece made me feel like a goddess! Something about a solid white swimsuit is just so elegant to me. The off the shoulder sleeves and the lace-up details add some flare and it’s such a moment! I’ll be totally honest, I was a little worried about this one piece ebing long enough to accommodate my chest, bum, AND belly. So many plus size one pieces are way too short and at least one curvy area of my body ends up popping out! But I was totally pleased with this fit! It was plenty long and true to size so I felt totally secure and comfortable. 

I was also a bit worried about this tie dye bikini because my chest is pretty full and this bikini top connects at the front and laces up. I was pleasantly surprised with how perfectly it fit and how easy it was to adjust the fit by loosening and tightening the laces! I love tie dye and I think it’s such a fun look for summer! The side cutouts and lattice details make this suit a bit sexy and that never hurts!

This blue bikini looked really comfy when I ordered it and I was very excited to find out that it is, in fact, really comfy! You know when you love a suit so much you’d rather put it on still wet, than put on a clean dry suit? It’s that good! The fabric is soft and the fit allows for a lot of stretch but also a lot of space. Sometimes suits will be a little tight in the band or the leg holes, even when the size is right. Kind like how bras and undies can be exhausting to wear at the end of a long day. In the same way, some suits can feel restricting after a full day at the pool or beach. But this suit is cut just right and I could wear it all day long (and I did…twice!). I also love solid color bikinis because you can mix and match with other bikinis! You can put two solid colors together, or combine a solid and a pattern! This is a great way to switch things up when you only have room in your closet or suitcase for a few suits! 

I think the common theme here was comfort and that just super on brand for me. Life is too short to be physically and emotionally uncomfortable if you don’t have to be! If you’re hot and sweaty and wanna wear less, wear less! If you want to swim all day without anything holding you back, prioritize a comfy swimsuit over a fancy one! Whatever you want to wear is your decision, so do you and have fun this summer!  You can see more fat fashion over on my Instagram and Tiktok pages! For even more summer style inspo check out rue21!


Spring Break Styles: With rue21

Spring Break road trip anyone!? I’m super excited because I partnered with rue21 to create some plus size looks with a spring break/pre-summer vibe! Ugh I miss the days when I could take a whole week off and go on vacation! Now, between my workload and the “panoramic”, I’m not exactly beach bound. But I am trying to prioritize some down time for fun outdoor activities in this beautiful spring sunshine! Last weekend my bestie and I took a mini road trip to a tulip field on a little farm in the country and this weekend I’m headed to my local botanical gardens! For my next micro-adventure, I think I’ll force my friends to go to the safari park 2 hours outside of nashville because there’s truly nothing more fun than feeding an emu from a bucket in a moving car! But if I’m gonna keep going on these little adventures all spring, I’ll need some comfy cute outfits perfect for car rides and activities! Thankfully rue21 has me covered…and for suuuper affordable prices! 

This first look is an instant favorite, though I could probably say that about all of these looks! I have to cut to the chase and tell you, these leggings are hands down the MOST comfortable leggings I’ve ever put on my body in my entire life. This sounds dramatic, I know, but you have to understand, they are so soft, so stretchy, and cut just right and I actually wasn’t expecting to love them THIS much. I paired these dreamy leggings with this 90’s throwback tank top! The clouds and the butterfly, remind me of something I would have worn when I was 12 and hanestly, I love it. I think it’s so fun that 90’s styles are so on trend right now! This denim jacket is perfect because it’s a bit longer than most, which is perfect for covering my bum and keeping me warm when the air conditioner is blasting or the nights get chilly! This butterfly ball cap and heart shaped sunglasses are both the perfect combination of whimsical and practical (which I definitely identify with) so I decided to wear them with all of my looks! I also opted to wear these white sandals with each look because they’re so versatile, and super comfortable! 

This little tie dye number is like a cross between a mini dress and an oversized sweatshirt! I could see myself wearing this dress as a pool or beach cover up! I personally have long legs, so to wear it out and about, I think next time I’ll pair it with leggings or bike shorts! Since we are all friends here, I’ll tell you the whole truth: the night after this photoshoot I actually wore this dress to bed. It was just too comfortable to take off! 

Speaking of bike shorts and tie dye, this look is definitely going to be a wardrobe staple for me! I was slow to get on the bike short bandwagon that began last summer but I’m here now and I’m loving it! These bike shorts are light weight and have lots of stretch so you don’t have that restrictive feeling or sweaty effect like with other pairs. This sweatshirt reminds me of a more grown-up, stylish version of a sweatshirt I’d buy at a beach shop on Spring Break in high school! I could totally see myself dressing this sweatshirt up with jeans and gold jewelry for margarita on a patio or with a denim skirt and cowgirl boots for a Nashville vibe! 

Now all I need is one of those hair wraps (with storing and beads, remember!?) and a puka shell necklace and I’m ready for Spring Break! For more inspo to get you in the Spring Break mood or plan for summer, check out the rue21 blog! Let me know which look is your favorite over on Instagram!


Finally, Jeans That FIT!

If I said these Eloquii bellbottom jeans changed my life would that be dramatic? Yes. And they dramatically changed my life so…I said what I said💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️

Shopping for jeans is really freaking hard! Not a lot of jeans are cut for body types with any amount of curve so when you’re an “apple-glass” like me, curvy all over, it’s especially tricky! 

I have a vivid memory of being 14 years old in the dressing room of the Gap trying on every style of jeans they had in my size, (mot much) and eventually falling to the ground, tears rolling down my cheeks, feeling totally defeated. I felt like a freak of nature who doesn’t deserve clothes that fit. 

 Like a cheesy coming-of-age film, the song The Middle by Jimmy Eat World started playing overhead on the radio. The words really resonated with me, as corny as it sounds! “It just take some time, little girl. you’re in the middle of the ride. everything will be just fine, everything will be all right.” I sat there wondering when things will feel all right and when I would feel fine. 

The kicker is, at the time I was only a size 14. But in 2006 the trend was low rise and slim cut and for a girl with a lot of junk in the trunk, thick thighs, and curvy hips and belly, that just wasn’t right for me. Don’t get me wrong, I believe any body type can wear any style! The key is that you feel comfortable. And the key to everyone having the opportunity to feel comfortable is having OPTIONS and back then, there weren’t many options for plus sizes. 

I’m so grateful that 15 years later (and many body changes later), there are more options for different body types. We still have a long way to go with inclusive fashion, but we’ve come so far! 

These jeans come in three different cuts: classic (self-explanatory) Gena (for a curvy midsection), and viola (for curvy hips). I am wearing the Gena in a 24 and I find it super generous in size! The future of inclusive fashion is sizing based on body type and custom options. I’m really pleased to see brands like Eloquii offering more inclusive sizing and I look forward to seeing more pieces like this! These are normally $120 but today they’re on sale for $49! You can click here to shop these jeans (I do make a modest commission at no extra cost to you and I deeply appreciate you shopping with me!). This look was graciously gifted by Eloquii for review. As always, my opinions are my own.


Spring Fashion Series With rue21 Part One: Mad For Plaid

YOU GUYS…Spring is just around the corner! Can I get an “AMEN!” *cue hallelujah chorus*! As the snow and ice melts and the flowers start to bloom it’s time to pack up those coats and sweaters to make room for some new Spring styles! I’ve partnered with my friends over at rue21 to show you my favorite trends for Spring! This first installment of my Spring Style With rue21 series focuses on pastels, plaid, and getting back in touch with your inner school-girl “it” girl! I’m talking Clueless, “As if!”, Mean Girls, “so fetch”, captain of the cheer squad, “bring it on” vibes! Got it? Don’t got it? Don’t worry! Keeping reading, I’ve got your back (and links for easy peasy, budget friendly impulse purchases)!

Plaid tennis skirts were a go-to wardrobe staple in the 90’s and I’m so excited to see this trend making the rounds again! Plaid is still a huge fixture of Fall and Winter fashion but I think it’s a super underrated pattern for the warmer months! Neutral and pastel colors instantly turn plaid from cozy to fresh! A plaid skirt is definitely a youthful look, and you can play up the Hit Me Baby One More Time, Britney vibes with pigtails and tied up button down shirts! But the plaid skirt look can also be matured a bit with a blazer, heels, or a blouse. For my rue21 plaid skirt looks I personally leaned into the youthful side of this trend but I think these pieces are super versatile and I’m excited to style them a bunch of different ways throughout the season! 

Speaking of versatile, let’s start with this black plaid tennis skirt! It’s such a great staple piece because it can be worn in literally any season! It can be dressed up or down and even is a great jumping off point for a lot of DIY costumes or cosplays! Basically what I’m trying to say is, if you don’t currently have a black plaid skirt in your closet what the heck are you doing?! Okay so, for this look I kept it pretty simple, pairing my black plaid skirt with a black t-shirt. I opted for pigtails with faux fur scrunchies and I think it’s safe to say, I’m totally ready for cheer squad tryouts! I think The next time I wear this skirt, I’ll pair with a solid color tank top and a denim jacket on top! 

A Neutral plaid skirt is versatile but a pastel plaid skirt adds that extra element of sass so you can really tap into your inner Regina George! This fabulous pink plaid tennis skirt paired perfectly with this soft pink cardigan. I added a pink terry bucket hat for a major throwback and I almost felt too trendy! It’s seriously growing on me and I definitely see more bucket hats in my future! This pink plaid skirt and sweater combo is a fun and flirty look and definitely one of my favorites! I would love to see this skirt with a white button down shirt tied in the front! I also think I need butterfly clips for that look! 

Now that we’ve fully covered skirts, lets launch right into a trickier subject: plaid dresses! I’ve heard so many opinions about plaid dresses being too loud and busy for plus size folks and I will not stand for it! First of all, what’s wrong with being loud and busy?! But more importantly, I think being afraid of brightly colored patterned pieces is directly related to society preferring that us plus size babes hide ourselves in a corner away from the spotlight. No ma’am, not now not ever again! So bring on the vibrant colors and pretty plaids! 

I am absolutely obsessed with this periwinkle and pink plaid matching dress and cardigan set! In this fit I feel like Cher Horowitz so I had to pair this set with a headband! I think a matching set is automatically fashion forward and makes me feel like i have my life together! If the colors are a bit much for ya, or you just want a more understated vibe, this set does come in taupe which is so chic! If I were styling the taupe I think I’d opt for a pop of red for my accessories for a high-end designer look! 

Okay so hear me out. The skirtall is a grossly overlooked alternative to the very popular overall trend! Overalls aren’t for me, I just don’t feel my best in them, but I love the playful spring vibe that the overall style accomplishes. I know skirtalls have a very cathoilic school girl reputation, but I believe they are the answer to participating in the spring overall trend for those of us who prefer skirts! This blue skirtall is such a lovely shade and paired with this white button down,actually gives me some modern Alic in Wonderland vibes (and maybe even Dorothy from Wizard of Oz or Belle from the opening scene of Beauty and the Beast)! Fairy Tails aside this look is perfect for transitioning from winter to spring and most importantly…IT HAS POCKETS! Pockets are the holy grail and I was sooo stoked about this! If blue isn’t your hue, rue21 has plaid skirtalls and plaid dresses in pink, black, and yellow too!  

What are your favorite tried and true Spring pieces? What new trends or must-have pieces do you have your eye on for Spring? I plan on sharing tons more Spring fashion inspo so please let me know what you want to see from me! I’m seeing lots of butterflies, tie dye, and ruching and I’m loving it! I’ll get to work on that but in the meantime, check out the rue21 blog for more Spring trends and the newest arrivals!


Deep Discounts on Fine Jewelry with ShopLC

OKAY WAIT: If you don’t wanna read this and you just wanna shop for fine jewelry at deep discounts click this link and use code LexiN20 to save 20% off. Thank me later!

February is a big month around here because my birthday is the 11th, V-Day is the 14th, and my anniversary is the 22nd! And to be frank…this month hurts our bank account! I’m usually fine with one combo gift to try to be budget friendly, but this year I’m super excited (and so is my husband’s wallet) to partner with my friends at ShopLC and share some HEAVILY discounted fine jewelry! Jackpot!

ShopLC cuts out the middleman and manufactures their jewelry themselves. This means major savings for us! This gorgeous necklace is platinum over sterling silver, and Swarovski zirconia and retails at approx. $329.99. On the ShopLC website it’s only $79.99! They have high ticket items like engagement rings and solid gold jewelry, as well as more fashion jewelry and everything in between. All for prices that make you and your Valentine VERY happy! 

For my birthday I always wanna be as sparkly as possible! I’m talking body glitter, a tiara, and major bling! So these emerald and platinum over sterling silver hoops are PERFECT! They retail at approx. $729.99 but on the ShopLC website they are only $99.99! What I love about these hoops are the emeralds on the inside, so that you’re seeing jewels from all angles! I love these earrings because they are a great special occasion piece but I totally feel like I can wear them with a casual outfit for a pop of color! I mean, hoops go with everything, ya know? But if hoops aren’t your thing, ShopLC  literally has thousands of options from $3.00-$5,000.00! They actually have a Swarovski crystal version of these earrings (and other colors) for only $9.99! They truly have something for every style and budget!

One of my anniversary wishes was adding an anniversary band to my bridal set! Y’all know I LOVE pink so you can imagine my excitement when I came across this pink tourmaline band in platinum over sterling silver! I literally squealed when I saw it retailed at approx. $289.99 and on the ShopLC website it’s only…$39.99!!!! At these prices I can have an anniversary band for every day of the week! This ring is too sparkly and looks beautiful with my set and also on its own! I’ve never been one for traditional bridal sets, and love being able to switch things up and have fun with my rings! 

When Will and I got married on 2/22/2020 last year, it was before 2020 went..well..bananas (to put it politely lol). This first year of marriage has been a challenge because 2020 was a challenging year overall! Will has been my calm through the storm and has been the most supportive and patient partner I could ask for and I feel so lucky! I’m not easy to quarantine with! lol! Needless to say, we are CELEBRATING the beginning of year 2! No matter your reason for celebrating, ShopLC has something beautiful and affordable for every occasion!

And as if you needed another reason to love them, ShopLC partners with No Kids Hungry to provide meals with each purchase! You can save extra 20% off your purchase with code LexiN20 so check them out now! Happy shopping!


Y2K Valentine’s Day With rue21

Got a hot date for Valentine’s Day? Well whether you’re boo’d up, celebrating Galentine’s Day with your clique, or pampering you’re #1 (YOU!), rue21 has the perfect outfit for you! Okay, maybe I’m a bit early, but I’m just SO excited for Valentine’s Day! I partnered with my friends at rue21 and styled a couple of  Valentine’s Day inspired looks from rue21 that have me feeling super festive! I’m a Valentine baby, my birthday is February 11th, so I’ve always felt like Valentine’s day celebrations were an extension of Lexi Day! Also the Valentine’s Day aesthetic of pink & red, sparkles, champagne, jewelry, stuffed animals and chocolates…I mean, that’s basically all my favorite stuff! I’m also obsessed with the post-Y2K/McBling fashion revival (I hope velour tracksuits never go out of style again because they are So comfy!) so that’s where I got my inspo for these looks! Maybe I just wanna relive my childhood or something, but late 90’s and early 00’s fashion is my absolute favorite! Give me inflatable furniture and cover everything in rhinestones please! All I’m missing now are some butterfly clips but I’m sure I’ll find those at rue21 too! Shopping with rue21 keeps me up to date on what’s currently in fashion because they always have the latest trends! I’m SO pumped to see late 90’s early 00’s styles making the rounds again and gracing the racks of rue21 (or like…online, you get what I mean)! 

This Y2K/McBling era look is styled after a late 90’s fashion moment that will always have my heart! I styled this outfit with inspiration from the 1998 Disney film, My Date With The President’s Daughter! 6 year old Lexi wanted that pink velor dress SO badly and I’m so glad I can honor her by rocking this one! As a nod to the dreamy Will Friedle (who plays Duncan), I paired this little pink number with a leather jacket for a good-girl-goes-bad look! No 90’s date night outfit is complete without square toe block heel mules! I added some gold hoops and a gold braided rhinestone choker for an extra element of bling! This look is so fun and flirty, perfect for a Valentines date! As cheesy as it sounds, when I was younger, this is exactly how I imagined I would dress as a fashionable and confident woman! There’s something really satisfying about wearing an outfit that would make little you say “wow she’s cool!”.  For me, this new year is going to be all about honoring my inner child because I turn 29 next month (yikes!) and I feel like it’s a great way to celebrate the end of my 20’s! I also think back on Little Lexi’s fashion dreams and all the things I was excited to wear when I was a grown up with a credit card! So Little Lexi is doing my shopping with me this year and I’m gonna have fun with my fashion and make her proud! 

Let’s flash forward a few years to this next look, inspired by every early-mid 00’s “It Girl” who wore the iconic velour tracksuit! Everyone who was anyone wore a velour tracksuit, from Paris Hilton to Beyonce to Hillary Duff! And let’s not forget when the Cheetah Girls wore matching velour tracksuits while performing in the streets of Manhattan in their debut film (a cinematic masterpiece if you ask me)! This pink velour tracksuit from rue21 is so comfy and soft, I genuinely never want to take it off! In fact, if I’m being 100% honest with you, I’ve worn it four times already and I’m literally wearing it as I write this blog post! It made all of my McBling- “That’s Hot”-Razor-flip-phone dreams come true! I paired it with this cute babydoll T-shirt with rhinestones in the shape of a heart…with devil horns! This fit screams “Galentine’s Day!” and would be just the thing to wear for a Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, Lizzie McGuire Movie marathon at your bff’s house! May I also suggest cookie dough and cosmos!? Obviously I wore my fabulous gold hoops and gold braided rhinestone choker because the bling never stops! 

If last year’s quarantine taught me anything, it’s that fashion rules are fake! Sweatpants are real pants, bras are optional, and time is a social construct! I’m taking those lessons with me into this new year and instead of worrying about wearing the “right” thing, wearing what makes me happy! If I want to be hot pink and bling bling, I absolutely will! If i want to wear a velour tracksuit 4 days a week, I will just have to order one in every color! I hope y’all got a kick outta these fun throwback inspired Valentine’s Day looks from rue21! For more Valentine’s Day inspo, check out the rue21 blog! I’d love to hear from y’all about your favorite fashion moments from the Y2K/McBling era and what you’d like to try now that it’s back! Head over to my instagram and let me know! 

Hi, I’m Lexi…

Hey y’all, I‘m Lexi! 

I haven’t done an introduction in a while so I wanted to hop on here and say howdy or whatever lol! Lot’s of new faces here sooo let’s get to know each other! 

I’m 28, but my birthday is next month (I’m an aquarius. it all makes sense now, right?) so I’m basically 29! I’m married to the sweetest man alive ( barf, I know) and our one year anniversary is next month too! Someone pray for this man because throw Valentine’s Day in there too and february is about to steal his whole paycheck. I would, but I’m agnostic lol. 

We have two weird lil dogs, Hans and Mandi Moore and they have their own story highlight but not their own IG because I’m not a freak. I mean, they sleep in the bed with me and I apologize when they fuss at me for getting in their way but…that’s not the point! 

This is getting long so let’s switch gears here. Rapid fire: I’m an actress/influencer and (pre pandemic) pre-school teacher, Nashville native, pansexual, fat (obvi lol), liberal (like ACAB liberal, Not “liberal”), I have severe ADHD among other shenanigans going on up there, I swear often, rely on unhealthy coping mechanisms such as over caffinating and retail therapy, and I would kill a man with my bare hands for even looking sideways at my baby (16 y.o.) sister because I’ve got nothin to lose and she’s literal baby jesus to me. Did I mention I’m agnostic? I was raised in Nashville but my family is from boston and that wear I learned to talk and be a sentient being so that means i say things like “bless her fuckin heart”. 

In this house we are healing from past traumas, learning to accept our bodies, speaking our mind, manifesting our destiny, and looking fabulous doing it! Follow me on Instagram ( @lexinimmo ) for daily posts about all things body love, mental health, fat fashion, and lifestyle. Follow me on TikTok ( @lexinimmo ) where I post all day and let loose! Check out my acting work and everything else I’m up to here! Nice to meet ya!

Space Jam: A New Legacy X rue21

Any other 90’s babies here? As a 90’s baby, I loved Space Jam growing up! I practically idolized Lola Bunny, but who didn’t! Well it’s time for an all new adventure! Space Jam: A New Legacy is a totally reimagined, action packed movie starring Lebron James and, of course, the legendary Bugs Bunny! Ready for more exciting news?! I’ve teamed up with rue21 to showcase their exclusive Space Jam collection! This collection is comfy, fun, and perfect for lounging, a casual kickback and of course, basketball (but I definitely can’t play basketball, lol)! I’m a whimsical person myself and I consider my style to be a campy, and sometimes even a little bit ironic, expression of my interests and mood! I loved styling this exclusive collection with rue21 and seeing all the different vibes I could convey with these cool Space Jam: A New Legacy pieces! These looks say to me: I’m put together and trendy, but I absolutely still watch cartoons with a bowl of cereal on Saturday mornings!

It doesn’t get any more comfy than this first look! The Space Jam: A New Legacy piece I chose is this cute, relaxed fit, cropped t-shirt. I really leaned into the relaxed fit and chose to pair this cropped t-shirt with these black and white boyfriend joggers. When I’m telling you rue21 has the BEST sweats, I’m not exaggerating! I kept things casual with elements of flare and added a butterfly ballcap, and rhinestone slides! Because, honestly, am I even me without a little bit of sparkle? I could try to sound cool and tell you this is my courtside ensemble but if I’m being honest, this is my grabbing-iced-coffee ensemble! But if you ask me, these pieces are versatile enough for sleeping, exercising, and every coffee run in between!

For my second look I wanted to be a little more on the trendy end of the casual style spectrum. I opted for another cropped t-shirt from the Space Jam: A New Legacy collection and continued with the two toned theme we saw with the first fit! Two toned wardrobe pieces are a current trend I am super into right now so don’t be surprised when I tell you I also selected this blue and white, two toned denim jacket! I paired these pieces with a simple black mini skirt and I love the wrapped look in the front. Even with basic staple pieces, I tend to gravitate towards options with a little special detail. Even one small interesting element can really elevate a classic garment! I accessorized this fit with pink sunglasses and slides! I think these pink sunglasses are such a fun throwback to early ‘00s fashion. They give me major Paris Hilton vibes (That’s hot)! I can’t fully express to you how freaking elated I am that slides are all the rage this summer, lol! After spending way too much time at home in 2020, I am super out of practice wearing heels. And as much as I want to have a Hot Girl summer, it’s hard to go from slippers to stilettos so I am super duper relieved we all collectively agreed to basically stick with slippers! Rue21 has a great selection of cute and comfy (like, SO comfy) slides and I think I’m up to nearly 6 pairs and counting!

If you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe on a budget I’m telling ya, rue21 is your one-stop-shop! With so many exciting events finally happening, it’s only natural to want a new look for every party, concert, date, and vacation! Stay up to date on the latest trends with options in sizes XS-4X that won’t break the bank! And if you’re like me and itching to get back to the movie theater, grab tickets to Space Jam: A New Legacy in theaters nationwide July 16th! Or stay at home (where the popcorn is cheaper) and watch it on HBO Max! For more of this Space Jam: A New Legacy X rue21 exclusive collection, check out the rue21 website here!